Monday, July 2, 2012

Lilly has discovered BABY DOLLS!!!

I have been waiting for the baby doll stage since we found out that Lilly was a girl at our 12 week ultrasound... I LOVE baby dolls and pretending to be a mommy... (which is probably why I love BEING a mommy so much!)

 In the last few weeks Lilly has been noticing other children, especially other babies, wherever we go.  She excitedly says, "Baby!" whenever we see other children (even if they are older than Lilly...)
 So the other day when she randomly said "baby?" I said, "Let's go find your baby!" and got out a little baby doll that Lilly's Great-Grandma Iris bought for her first birthday.
 Ever since, she's asked "baby??" every few minutes, and we have to go find Baby wherever she dropped her last :)
 We are still learning how to keep track of Baby, and she gets unceremoniously dropped wherever Lilly happens to be when she is distracted by other things...
 Introducing Baby to Cat ("cat" always said in a whisper)...
 Checking out Baby's face
 Giving Baby a kiss!!
 Well... maybe chewing on Baby's face???

 Greg took these photos when he got home from work (I hadn't gotten home from work yet).  Lilly was just chillin' on the couch with the cat and the remote :)  She loves anything that ISN'T actually a toy...
 notice Baby at her side
 hmm, which button was I looking for??
 and WHY exactly are you taking my photo?? (look at those eyebrows!!)

 Mama's home from work!!  Time to "nur!!" (nurse)
 And say hello to Baby!
 She was asking for my water cup at this point, while I was trying to squeeze her - "wawa!"
 playing with Baby on her head to make her laugh  (look at that SMILE!  I can't get enough!)
 She thought that was funny and wanted Baby to stay on her shoulder.

 aww... hugging Baby - SWEET GIRL!
Oh I just love my sweet girl!  She is so happy and fun and interactive.  She is 14 months on 7/4 (in 2 days!) and can say about 40 words, about 25 of which she uses on a regular basis.  I'm so proud of her communication skills!  And her inquisitive nature.  She is knows what she wants and knows how to ask for it :)  She is constantly in motion, exploring her world, and is not content to sit and just play with regular baby toys... which makes Mama a bit crazy at times, but mostly proud that Lilly is so interested in the world around her!  She constantly keeps her Mama and Dada laughing and amazed at just how her brilliant little mind works.  What a love!


  1. Awwwwww, Grace used to say "nur!" for nursing too. Such sweet memories... Violet went straight to "nurse", I think, and of course Lewis hasn't started talking yet. The MOST hilarious nursing phrase also belonged to Grace when she was a few months older than Lily now. I must have always mentioned something about switching sides when I nursed her, because she went through a phase of exclaiming, "Right side other side! Right side other side" when she was done on one side and wanted to switch. Hilarious, especially if she was half asleep.

  2. Oh! I love that! "right side other side" - so cute :) Lilly nurses on one side and says "more!" and then "open" (for my nursing bra) when she is done and wants to switch :) I love this age!!